I’ve seen the unity candle done, the sand ceremony and even a few couples have planted a tree or branded a piece of wood together. But this one was a first for me, Amanda and Mike are avid cross-fitters and they uniquely went with a unity sandwich. Yes, I said sandwich. Together after their vows they prepped and enjoyed a delicious ham sandwich to signify that their two lives are now one. To top it off we took a trip to their gym for a little healthy rope climb competition. Amanda’s only request for her bridesmaids was that by the time her big day came around – they should be able to do a chin up! This wedding was definitely one I will always remember!! 

One thing I love about styling a session with multiple looks is that you can really bring out different sides to one person with each portion of the shoot. This session for example, we see our beautiful muse as pretty and glamorous in one look where the focus is on beauty. The next look is a darker, more sultry look – black & strappy always says sexy and there’s a minimized set stylization so that her, her outfit and her attitude take centre stage. Our final look with this shoot is quiet and a calmer kind of sexy, with just her and a few sheets.
Joi Photo | Saskatoon Boudoir PhotographyJoi Photo | Saskatoon Boudoir PhotographyJoi Photo | Saskatoon Boudoir PhotographyJoi Photo | Saskatoon Boudoir PhotographyJoi Photo | Saskatoon Boudoir PhotographyJoi Photo | Saskatoon Boudoir PhotographyJoi Photo | Saskatoon Boudoir PhotographyJoi Photo | Saskatoon Boudoir Photography

This is probably one of the most unvocalized fears I get when talking boudoir with women.  It often comes out as: “I’m not photogenic” If I had a quarter for every time I heard this statement, I’d have my own private island (but still doing what I do!).  Or I hear this: “all the women on your site are so beautiful, I don’t look like them.” — This one breaks my heart into tiny little pieces.

To calm your nerves about this I have to draw on a video testimonial from one of my boudoir babes where she said: “you won’t be the one dud in 1000, you just won’t.”

Let me elaborate; we all have fears of not being enough, and that fear often manifests in the form of comparison. “I don’t look like her, my stomach isn’t flat like her’s, I have stretch marks, I don’t have a bum- the list goes on .”  If any of these are ringing true to you, listen up -I’m about to poke holes in your objections:

“I don’t look like her” good, you shouldn’t. You look like you and you’re a precocious human being who is loved more than she knows. What you might think are flaws are really what’s beautiful about you. If your nose crinkles when you laugh and you hate it, stop– that’s frickin adorable. You have a scar? Awesome, it tells a story and has shaped who you are as a person, celebrate it. You have cellulite? I’m going to let you in on a little secret — everyone does, I mean it — every.one.  And if you think all the women on my website look like models I bet each and every one of them would blush if they heard that.  The women you see here have the same fears and insecurities we all do as women and 97% of them have told me they’re not photogenic. It’s up to me to coach each person into feeling confident in front of the camera, and if I can do that with them in their underwear just imagine how that can translate to real life afterwards.

You’re not photogenic? Let me tell you –you do not have to fit a certain mold or look a certain way to step in front of my camera (or any camera).  My job and my love is to get you in my studio and show you that YOU are beautiful and yes YOU DO LOOK LIKE THAT — which by the way is not, “like a model” or “like her” it’s simply: stunning, beautiful you and all your perfect imperfections.

Jill & Blaine fell in love in Mexico and got engaged in Mexico so it’s only fitting that they tied the knot along the beautiful coast of the Mayan Riviera with waves crashing behind them. Here’s a look at their joyful wedding day. 

I’ve just gotten home from one of my favourite events of the year: WPPI. This event always shakes things up for me, inspires new ideas, gets me enthralled with new skills and techniques and it’s always so fun to catch up with friends from around the world.  This year’s WPPI started the day after my 34th birthday, which is pretty perfect. I get to have New Years all over again and since I’ve already been thinking of shaking things up and taking a few steps in a new direction and this solidified that push.

I’ll recap WPPI in another post but in the mean time I wanted to put out there what’s happening in my business in the up coming months.

  1. This website is getting an over-haul!! It’s time, it’s been precious to me for a few years but if I’m moving forward, it has to too.
  2. Our beautiful studio is getting a make-over and we’re expanding our space to have room for more boudoir sets! Weee! Painting party TBD
  3. Our collections and products will be getting a re-vamp. I really want to bring the most value and top-of-the-line products to Saskatoon’s boudoir scene and since we’re about to have the biggest studio in the west, our products need to match that too!
  4. Our second annual Ladies Night Out will be held April 28th! Just in time or all this new-ness to launch, so save the date and sign up for our newsletter for your VIP invite!