You’re planning for one of the biggest and most memorable days of your life, which means you -must- include your very best friend. I mean the one with four legs, who’s always the best keeper of secrets and worships the ground you walk on. It just wouldn’t be the same without her. Here’s a few ways to include little Sophie in your special day.


Pick someone that can be trusted with your dog and who will be at your wedding, but not an integral part of your day be Miss Sophie’s date for the day. If she’s in the ceremony, have this person hand her off to whoever she’ll come down the aisle with and then take over again as soon as the ceremony is done. Anyone who is going to be in your wedding party will already have lots to think about so assigning someone to puppy duty is the best option – plus no bridesmaid is going to want to deal with -duty- in her amazing dress. Put your pooch-sitter in charge of bringing her to your photos for a few ‘family’ shots and taking her home before your reception. Waskesiu Wedding By Joi Photography


You know your pooch better than anyone, if she’s happy-go-lucky and will love all the attention from guests, then I say include her in as much of the day as you can. If she’s going to be overwhelmed or too excitable, limit the parts of your day she’s going to partake in. The last thing you want is when the officiant says “speak now or forever hold your peace’ is to have Miss Sophie go on a little barking rant. Albeit that might turn into a good laugh, it’s probably not what you’ve envisioned as an intimate and romantic ceremony. If you don’t think your pup will be able to keep her cool, have her around while you’re getting ready and have your dog wrangler bring her for photos after you say your “I do’s”. 


When your big day comes around, you’re going to know if it’s going to be a hot or mild day. Our little (and big) fur babies cannot take the heat the same way we can if it’s a hot day so make sure to have a water dish on hand and don’t let your pooch over-heat. That being said, they’re much more adept at handling the rain than some of us are, just be sure that if the ground is wet that you don’t end up with little brown paw marks on your bright white dress. However you decide to include your precious in your big day, please don’t leave them alone in the car!

Get your pooch a matching leash and collar that co-ordinates with your wedding colours, this way she’ll feel dressed for the occasion.

Welcome 2017! I have big plans for you!

If you haven’t been around here in a while you may notice a new tab at the top of this page, titled ‘More’.  That seems to be what my theme for 2017 is looking to be — more. I have some ambitious plans for business, and at the same time I know life is short, so my focus is on more experiences, more of what makes my heart flutter and more time with my love and my family.

We live in a day and age where we no longer have to do the regular 9-5, we don’t have to get traditional jobs and we don’t have to follow someone else’s ideals on how to earn a living. Being an entrepreneur is not the easy path, but I think it is sooo rewarding . I thrive off of the women of this world giving a great big middle finger to what everyone else thinks they should do and following their dreams — whatever they are. Last year I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph some fellow female #girlbosses to build their web presence. I loved the challenge of working on-location and creating images that would be the first impression of their whole empire and I decided that I want to do more of this. Hence — there’s a brand-spanking new section by the name of “Branding Collections” (no pun intended).

There’s another new little section under that ‘More’ tab that took a bit of courage to publish. ‘For Photogs’ – it’s been a dream of mine for some time to share my knowledge and experiences, but I’ve had this limiting belief that I didn’t have enough to offer. Since 2016 was a year of intense personal growth (and what a year it was) — I’ve kicked that nasty thought to the curb.  I have SO much to share that it’s hard to sit still.  What I can tell you now is that there will be a spring/early summer 2017 workshop for photographers who are beginning their businesses. We will touch on a lot of topics and it will be -hands on- with participation mandatory. We learn more from our peers than any one person can teach, and I can’t wait to lead a group of fellow creatives on an exciting ride!

Happy New Year, friends — I hope 2017 is outstanding for you!


Mark your calendars! We’re running a wild boudoir special from Jan 14th -21st and have opened up 25 spots for this promotion! Wowza! It will sell out so check out the details below and book in asap! Saskatoon Boudoir | Joi PhotographyVALENTINE’S PROMO $165 
Our 2017 Valentine’s Boudoir promo is the perfect opportunity for a ‘taste of boudoir’. It’s a 30 minute quickie photo shoot on your choice of one of our four most popular sets: Basic Babe, Between the Sheets, Stripped Down and Victoria’s Secret Set. It gets better! This year we’re including five full resolution digital files with your shoot! That’s a $250 value alone! You’ll also get a same-day premiere to choose your images and if you’d like to add a book or more files, we’re offering 10% off books and products!


We’ll have time for just one outfit with this promo, but we recommend bringing along an accessory to add some variety to your shoot– a fuzzy jacket, blazer, leather jacket, cozy sweater — all would do the trick. Find more ideas on outfit planning HERE.

Joi Photography | Saskatoon BoudoirHAIR & MAKEUP
Professional hair and make up is not included in this promo, but we do recommend having it done for photo shoots! We’ll send out a list of Saskatoon’s best when you email to book, so keep in mind that pro-services like these will take the look of  your final images up 1000%!
Joi PhotographyFINE PRINT
Sessions are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis, spaces are limited. If the promo sells out, there are no rain-checks, pricing is exclusive to this promotion only, cannot be combined with other offers, cannot be applied to other sessions, no further discounts will be applied and will not be offered beyond the stated dates. To reserve your shoot, session fee plus applicable taxes must be paid in full at the time of booking. There are no refunds on any payments, all sessions must take place between Jan 14th -21st 2017. Should you need to reschedule your session we can accommodate one schedule change, which must also be between Jan 14th to 21st to qualify for this promo. Payments made cannot carry over as retainer or payment on another shoot should you cancel. Hair and make-up is not included, but is recommended that you come to your session with professional hair and make-up done. Thank-you!

Ahhh, September weddings, I just love them! I love the colours, the weather is always so great and Saskatoon looks so beautiful in the fall. Emily & Aaron had such a fun wedding, and I have to say they’re one of the coolest couples. Emily got Aaron a weight set as a wedding gift, they included their dog in the wedding photos and we brought a couch along for their photos. See for yourself! :)