Jill & Blaine fell in love in Mexico and got engaged in Mexico so it’s only fitting that they tied the knot along the beautiful coast of the Mayan Riviera with waves crashing behind them. Here’s a look at their joyful wedding day. 

I’ve just gotten home from one of my favourite events of the year: WPPI. This event always shakes things up for me, inspires new ideas, gets me enthralled with new skills and techniques and it’s always so fun to catch up with friends from around the world.  This year’s WPPI started the day after my 34th birthday, which is pretty perfect. I get to have New Years all over again and since I’ve already been thinking of shaking things up and taking a few steps in a new direction and this solidified that push.

I’ll recap WPPI in another post but in the mean time I wanted to put out there what’s happening in my business in the up coming months.

  1. This website is getting an over-haul!! It’s time, it’s been precious to me for a few years but if I’m moving forward, it has to too.
  2. Our beautiful studio is getting a make-over and we’re expanding our space to have room for more boudoir sets! Weee! Painting party TBD
  3. Our collections and products will be getting a re-vamp. I really want to bring the most value and top-of-the-line products to Saskatoon’s boudoir scene and since we’re about to have the biggest studio in the west, our products need to match that too!
  4. Our second annual Ladies Night Out will be held April 28th! Just in time or all this new-ness to launch, so save the date and sign up for our newsletter for your VIP invite!

Thanks for stopping by, our studio will be closed from Feb 2nd to Feb 15th 2017. Email inquiries, phone calls and Facebook messages will be returned after the Feb 15th. Thanks for your patience.

Photographer friends! I’m here to tell you something important that not everyone will let you in on: You don’t have to re-invent the wheel with every single shoot that you do. What a relief, hey?

It’s common for poses/ideas/lighting techniques to get recycled and there’s nothing wrong with doing what you know works under the right circumstance. What I do recommend is that you cater to what works best for your client, not you.

Here are two photographs of two different gals, but the same (quite popular) boudoir pose. It works amazingly for them both but I made my changes in the lighting to match the mood each of them wanted to achieve.

^ Natural light, emotive, lots of detail throughout the image, clean transition from light to shadow.
^ Much more dramatic, photographed with studio light to bring attention to the light and shadows rather than the over-all image.

My advice to you: Don’t worry if some of your shots are similar to other shots of yours, that is going to happen. Pick your set ups based on your client’s desires and make adjustments for the people in front of your lens. Definitely branch out and try new things, some will work and some won’t but this is how you learn to work what works! I mean they’re called ‘go-to’s’ for a reason and every pro has their favourites. Coach for emotion, play with focal length and depth of field, add light, subtract light, change your angle and those ‘go-to’s’ will look start to look different every time.

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I posted some of this next bit of text on my Instagram a few days back and I feel it bears repeating…

The thing about stripping down to your skivvies for photos is you (literally and figuratively) strip away your layers. You’re putting it all out there, baring it all and taking off your day-to-day mask.  Sometimes during a shoot we strip away so many layers and masks you may not even recognize the person staring back at you in the photo. “Is that me?” I often hear. I assure you it is, you just don’t see her often enough. Looking past the hair and the make-up and looking right at yourself, you may see that you’re really, really beautiful in every way, and some how we have been taught not to see ourselves in that light. So it’s no surprise when I hear “that doesn’t even look like me” because too often we don’t let ourselves see our true selves. It’s an ultimate vulnerability– which is why it’s so rewarding to do. For eternity you’ll look at those photos and see -you- celebrating a moment in time, being perfectly exposed and owning it. What could be more empowering than that? Saskatoon Boudoir Photography | Joi PhotographySaskatoon Boudoir Photography | Joi PhotographySaskatoon Boudoir Photography | Joi PhotographySaskatoon Boudoir Photography | Joi PhotographySaskatoon Boudoir Photography | Joi PhotographySaskatoon Boudoir Photography | Joi PhotographySaskatoon Boudoir Photography | Joi PhotographySaskatoon Boudoir Photography | Joi PhotographySaskatoon Boudoir Photography | Joi Photography

Hair by Joy Tesch
Make-up by Kelsey Rae Makeup Artistry