Top 5 Outfits To Wear For a Sizzling Boudoir Shoot

Classic, easy to style, and works for everyone, you can’t go wrong with a bra and panty set. With this simple ensemble, I recommend accessorizing for variety to your photographs. Bring a jean shirt, a cardigan, a leather jacket, even a t-shirt or mens shirt. These little touches add a lot to styling and help set the mood to your photos.

Want to sexy it up a bit? Garter belts and stockings are the way to go; belts come in all kinds of styles from romantic to strappy and sultry.  One of my favourite looks in this category is high waisted underwear. Yep, I said it! They’re kinda like granny panties, only sexy and not saggy. The high waist not only helps for modesty but also makes your body look longer and adds a quality of couture to the final images.

You can also pair your bra with cut-off shorts, a skirt, or even leather bottoms. Another option? Pair your bottoms with no top at all! This is such a versatile category!

TIP: Make SURE your bra fits properly — a bra that doesn’t fit can cause nip-slips or bulges. I also recommend keeping push-up to a minimum for photography, as the extra padding in push-up bras can add more volume to your overall shape than most women desire. If you’re small chested, bralets, sheer cups and unpadded bras work best for on-camera.

One piece and you’re done! The range on the sexy-scale for teddies and body suits can go off the charts, but the best thing about a teddy is that there’s one for everyone. The variety in shapes, styles, colours and fabrics means that no matter where your tastes lie, you can find something to suit your own personal style. You can get a modest body suit with long sleeves and ramp up the sexiness in posing while staying covered up or you can go on the risqué side — there really are no rules here.

TIP: Often, a one-piece swim suit can do the trick too!


Another classic look, this is a relaxed look for the casual gal. This look will work great on every body shape and can have a flirty or sexy feel. Sexiness can be played up in posing and set mood, or made flirty by directing emotion during the shoot. You can choose to wear a bra underneath or opt out, that’s your choice, but I do recommend full-bum bottoms.

TIP: Pick a sweater that is pliable and loose. We want to be able to drape it, pull it and position it throughout your shoot.

Nada, nothing, nudie-bootie.  Yes, this is an option — my number one rule when opting to wear your birthday suit is to keep the posing top-notch-classy. You can really get some timeless, beautiful images using just you and your gorgeous-self. Typically I use posing along with light and shadow to keep particular parts hidden from the camera, but one of the popular looks with this category is to use a plain white sheet for more coverage.

TIP: Want that artistic nude look, but not sure if you’re brave enough to let it all hang out? Bring a nude thong and a nude strapless bra and the rest is magic.

I really think this is an under-used look, mostly because it’s not the first thing you’d think of when it comes to boudoir. This look plays well into a flirty mood, with shorts and top all in one and you can find and endless variety in styles and fabrics too. One of my favourite things about rompers is that you can wear it loose and flowy for a romantic look, but it still defines the waist with a draw string or elastic around the middle.