MEET YOUR Photographer

If I sit back and think about it, I’ve been an artist obsessed with stories and the feminine form since the age of six. I remember drawing all my teachers in big pouffy dresses when I was in second grade, and I got my first camera around the age of nine: a $3 110 film camera. I would set up my collection of 100 stuffed animals and take their photo. I was always taking photos of my dogs and cats, and occasionally my parents too. 

Fast forward, I’ve been the proud owner/photographer/artist/creator/ team leader of Joi Photo for the last TEN years. My obsession continues to be with everything feminine. From branding to boudoir, all with a focus on helping women see themselves in a new light. Helping sculpt a look for business in the form of branding images, or helping women see themselves as strong/beautiful/sexy through the magic of boudoir photography. Shaping a young girl’s confidence as she maneuvers through her teen years with the help of a glamour shoot.  This is the art that drives me forward in the photography world.

I get to play dress up, I get to design elaborate sets and take pretty pictures. But I also get to watch people grow, change their opinion of themselves and create a safe space for feeling good.