MEET YOUR Photographer

Though people often call me "Joi", my name is Crystal and I am the owner and photographer of Joi Photography -- the artist and brains behind this whole operation.  

My passions in photography revolve around all things feminine. From weddings to glamour, graduation photography and of course -- boudoir.

I love watching and capturing all of the special interactions on a wedding day -- it's really like nothing else in the world.  For one day, everyone around you is celebrating love.  Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, best friends, grandparents and of course -- the bride and groom.  All these little stories captivate me.

When it comes to the boudoir and glamour side of my work, for me, it's not just about the photos -- it's about providing a positive experience that will last a lifetime.  Women and girls are faced with so many expectations on how they should look, that very few can really see for themselves just how beautiful they already are.  I love being able to be a vessel that can show them that they are perfect just as they are.  I want every lady that comes to me to be able to celebrate themselves and go home with the memory that they're a confident, beautiful person.

As for the everyday, I'm an exuberant dog lover with a massive travel bug and I love jumping over fire (aka - Spartan Races).