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Studio Rental & Membership

Photographers, come play! My full-time studio is open for your photo-shoot needs! There are two joining rooms, each with natural light and a blank canvas for you to design your own set-needs. Studio A features a plastered brick wall and one bright window as well as a clean white corner. Studio B has two ‘sides’; one with two large windows, cool white radiators and 115 year-old original hard wood. The other end has two colourful feature corners as well as a tall space for backdrops. Along the side wall is the perfect spot for shoots on seamless paper.

Hourly rental $45.00/ hour
1/2 Day (4 hours) $160 
Full Day (8 hours) $300
Extended Day (12 hours) $400

Rates listed are for the use of the studio space only and do not apply to any props, furniture or lighting that may be on site. Use of the black backdrop is permitted. The space must be arranged and cleaned in the same state as it was found. Rental rate is for all time in the space (set up, take-down and shooting time), and billed out in full hour increments. Full payment and balance is due at the time of rental. Any time-overages will be billed out at a rate of $50 per hour in full hour increments.  Any damage(s) found will be billed to the Renter at 100% of the repair cost; a professional chosen by Joi Photography will conduct said repairs. Photographers and businesses are responsible for their own liability insurance.  Not suitable for video. 


Up to one full day/week

Access to select pieces of furniture
6 month commitment

Up to two full days/week
Small on-site storage space
Access to select lighting equipment
Unlimited access to studio backdrops & select furniture
6 month commitment