EDITORIAL BOOK This modern book features an acrylic glass-like cover
with a black leather binding and smooth matte pages.
Created in Italy, this luxurious book will display
up to 65 photos and includes those images on USB.
$1700 $1900 $1500 up to 30 images up to 40 images up to 50 images Temptress Collection Classic & traditional, this collection of books offers the
most versatility in customization. Cover options are
available in fabric, leather or a photo wrap and
featuring fine-art matte pages for a luxurious feel.
Your chosen images will accompany your book on USB.
MINI (6x6)

LITTLE (8x8)

BIG (10x10)
*messenger cover upgrade, add $150 $1300 $1000 up to 30 images up to 30 images LOVE NOTES COLLECTION An heirloom piece with fine-art matte pages and leather cover.
Upgrade to the messenger-style cover, over time the rich leather
will develop a beautiful patina adding to its character making
each book truly one of a kind. The love notes books are
accompanied by your chosen images on USB.
LITTLE (4x5)

BIG (6x8)
$1450 $1150 up to 45 images up to 35 images Divine Collection This beauty is all about mystery and presentation.
The Divine books come in a soft-touch box for safe keeping
with your option of a photo cover or soft-touch, embossed cover.
Your chosen images will accompany your book on USB.
LITTLE (8x8)

BIG (10x10)
*add display box $125 $900 $800 up to 20 images up to 20 images Blush Books This collection is designed with an animal-safe leather backing
and photo front cover. It can be paired with a coordinating
display box to show it off like a framed print, or tuck it
away -- your choice! Your chosen images will
accompany your blush book on USB.
LITTLE (6x6)

BIG (8x8)
Individual Files $55 ea Digital File Collections Full resolution digital files, purchased on their own
without a book or product.
Collection of 10.... $400
Collection of 20....$700
Collection of 30....$900
Collection of 40....$1000