Introducing, Melody

I love making each shoot unique to the gal in front of my lens, which means always re-inventing my studio space, finding new uses for existing props and furniture and of course, the occasional shopping spree to HomeSense. In this case I was re-organizing my storage room and sorting through [many] bins of bedding and came across this very colourful set that I forgot I even had! Along with that I had this bed frame tucked away, it was missing the piece that holds everything together so it wasn’t very useful. I found a piece that made it all work and tadaa! A whole new set is born, meet: Melody. 

And of course with a new set, one must play; test it out and make sure it’s workable. Indeed she is very workable! Check Melody out in action here: 

As a fun little twist, this set also looks just darling dressed all in white.

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