Good For You | Destination Boudoir Photography

I’ve been home from my Dream Shoot Retreat with four amazing women for close to two whole months now and we’ve been in a deep freeze since our return! So for this yet another ‘extreme cold warning’ day I’ve decided it’s about damn time I shared some of the amazing-ness that took place in Sayulita, Mexico.

Miss K joined me in Mexico as our make-up artist and couldn’t resist having a Dream Shoot of her own. We both had ideas for her shoot and with her gorgeous red hair I definitely wanted to do something colourful and I knew she would rock this ‘Bae Watch’ swimsuit I’d ordered online. Have a look for yourself .. and if you happen to be trapped in the cold too, hopefully this brings some warmth your way!

If you happen to be wondering what these Dream Shoots are all about, what’s involved or how the heck you can get in on one.. I have two retreats coming up and check out the info for January 2020 HERE and October 2019 HERE.

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