Hey, Soul Sister

I have always told myself [and others] that I’m the kind of woman who is better at being friends with guys instead of other women. That is until I started working with women one-on-one, I realized I had so much more in common with them and that we faced a lot of the same worries/obstacles/doubts. You might be thinking “duhhh” but, I really didn’t truly learn this until not that long ago. Perhaps, because we’re conditioned to think that other women are competition, perhaps it’s because boys were much easier for me to get along with in grade school; there’s likely a plethora of stories as to why I felt disconnected from my fellow females.

Regardless, I’ve come to find that women f*cking rock — like in insurmountable ways and since I’ve begun valuing that fact, I’ve grown a lady-tribe that lifts me up in ways that I never, ever would have expected. They have my back no matter what, and vice versa. The unconditional support has allowed me to take more risks, let myself be seen and shown me how to truly believe in myself.

The fact is you never know where your next connection might come from and you never know what to depths those connections can fuel you. It is really really true that when women support each other, we all succeed/kick ass/take over the world.

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