Let’s Get Lost

Very serious planning has commenced for my next Dream Shoot Retreats! I’m more excited than ever to offer this type of package because I really believe we should take time to remind ourselves that we have what it takes. To give ourselves the time and opportunity to rediscover our self worth, and allow ourselves to be pampered along the way.

“How?” you might ask “can a photoshoot do all of that?” It’s because a dream shoot goes far deeper than a set of pretty photos and a frivolous girl’s vacation. From my own experience as a photographer of everyday women and being a busy woman myself.. it’s easy to fall into a pattern.  A pattern of putting other’s needs first.  A pattern of negative self talk. A pattern of ‘ain’t no body got time for that’. A pattern of getting external validation to define your own worth. A pattern of avoidance… the list goes on.

My go to patterns: I’ll do that when I have my finances in order and “please say nice things so I can believe they’re true.” Yup, I’m a die hard for validation, but I acknowledge that and I’ve learned, the only validation that matters is your own.

How does this retreat play into this?

It’s all about self discovery, yo. It’s valuable time away in a different environment to disrupt your daily patterns. It’s sisterhood, in a safe place for raw and honest conversation (trust me, if you’re going through something –you’re not alone in it). It’s a time for rest and relaxation and a serious dose of vitamin D. It’s an opportunity to let your full self shine without judgement.

The photoshoot part is a magical bonus on top of all of this, this is where you’ll feel your fire come back (or explode). This is where, you’ll feel awkward and uncomfortable but all while having a blast and when it’s done, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Because, like I said, it’s more than a set of pretty pictures. It’s letting yourself be seen, it’s allowing yourself to believe and feel that you are, and always have been a damn fine badass woman. 

But don’t take my word for it, here’s what Allison had to say about her experience:

“My Dream Shoot Retreat in Sayulita was, well… dreamy! Saskatchewan winters are rough on the best days. It can be hard to feel vibrant, energized and confident when you’ve been inside wearing 3 layers for months on end. There’s no better combo than a trip to a Mexican surf town, hot weather, the ocean and a fun photographer that can make you feel comfortable, confident and sexy and then give you pictures to remind yourself how amazing you are on days when you question it. I recommend this retreat, experience and working with Crystal to a woman who needs a reminder of how powerful, sexy and beautiful she is. To a woman who wants to fall more in love with herself. To a woman who spends a lot of time taking care of everyone else and would love a getaway with some time to herself and to have fun with some other women.”

Want to know more? Check out the details HERE.

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