Workshop: Branding Your-Selfie

Professional photos on your website and throughout your brand are an absolute *must* .. they convey professionalism, show a clean and concise brand and also say “hey, I take this shit seriously.”

That being said, it’s pretty hard to have a photographer follow you around 24-7 to capture all the ins-and-outs of your day-to-day and it’s imperative to keep your social media current!

The solution.. we all do it.. take photos with our cell phone and pop them online. It’s standard practice and hey, it works!

But if you’re not a photographer, or an artist or even social media savvy this can be a daunting task!!

“What do I post?”;  “How the f* do I take a decent photo?” “How can I stand out in a sea of selfies?”

Since I’m so passionate about women in business -and- photography, I’m stepping out from behind my camera to give you a hand!

Here’s a few things I’m going to cover:

1. Very quick branding basics refresher
2. Common mistakes that I see and what to do about it!
3. Using the functions on your iPhone
4. Lighting basics: making the most out of any location you’re in!
5. Posing Tips: feeling confident in posing yourself!
6. Getting photos that grab attention

I’m really excited to host this because not only are we going to cover some *need to know* content, but we’re going to have a chance to turn our new knowledge into skills with practice and coaching time built right into the workshop. So get your notebooks ready, pack a pen and make sure your phone is fully charged! This live event takes place March 5th and you can reserve your seat HERE.

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