Instant Boudoir Marathon


Imagine that you love someone so damn hard that you would do anything for them. You’d accept them for everything that they are, you’d see straight through their society-given ‘flaws’ and embrace them fully and unconditionally and eternally. Now imagine that person is you.


Need some assistance getting there…? Here’s a fiery great start..

Instant Mini-Boudoir … on polaroid!
Anyone who has shot with me will tell you … it’s more than a photoshoot! It’s much much more than a set of pretty photos. It’s a session in self-expression, self-connection and self-confidence.

Want in? Here are the details!

May 19th I’ll be hosting 20 minute mini shoots where you’ll take away 12 Polaroid photos!  Each session is only $144, I will still pose you and coach you through the entire experience like I would any of my other sessions. And what can I tell ya, any time that I’ve used my old fashioned instant film cameras, it’s always a freaking blast. You’ll see.

What do I love about this??
Well one, it’s instant, two – no photoshop, it’s all YOU baby, celebrate it! Three.. This is like literally the only time I would say you could get away without professional hair and make-up! And Four.. The uber cool factor of having prints and going a little retro.

saskatoon boudoir

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