Fresh Start February

Welcome to the new year, I realize it’s February 1st and not January 1st but I decided to skip January this year and making February a fresh start. My 39th birthday is in a couple days, so I think it fits!

This past year was all about exploring. I started a new life so-to-speak and I was all about figuring out what that meant. So, my business was not my main priority and that’s ok. We have to learn (and sometimes re-learn)to put ourselves first at times. With that I had NO idea where I was going to be come January/February 2022. Turns out that answer is right here in Saskatoon.

Saskatoon is going to stay my home base a little while longer, but I will be traveling back and forth to Vancouver and also Puerto Vallarta throughout the year for work and play (Honestly work is play so it’s all fun!)


There’s a few new changes in the works though! I’m leaning into the projects that bring me the MOST joy!

For 2022 I will no longer be offering headshot marathons. I much prefer to work one on one with entrepreneurs to build a set of images that will go the distance. Not to mention, I’ve added monthly subscription options for those that need on-going content!

My boudoir offerings will be getting a facelift .. keep your eyes peeled on that.

I’m putting local lifestyle & couples sessions on the back burner. I am excited to still photograph maternity, but in a dream-shoot-style capacity.

And finally!  A couple things I’m extra excited about… I’m Bringing back my Brand Your Selfie class! This is a 3 hour class that teaches you to use your cell phone for great images to post on social media! AND I am putting together a coaching program for new photographers! Details will be around shortly on those!

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Crystal


Thanks to Karyn Kimberly for the pic of moi

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