When Should I Update My Images?

Let’s chat for a second about why it might be time to update your brand photos on your website and/or for your social media! 

1. If you’re about to launch a new anything – new workshop, promotion, course, product, retreat — whatever it may be. Putting the energy into new photos for a new offering sets it up to grab attention.

2.  If you’ve been reusing the same images for a while. If you’re recycling images, you’re likely not getting a lot of engagement on your content, which could end up missing out on potential bookings. It’s great to have a few recognizable signature images, but fresh eye-catching images will help you get new leads! 

3. If you’re trying to target a new market, you need images that that demographic will be drawn to. Once you know your target client you can tailor your images to that person.* 

4. You want to level UP. New images are going to have a new energy, you’ll be excited to share them and even just going through the experience of getting new photos done can inspire new content for your business.  Refreshed images can equal more money in your bank account – for real! 

5. If it’s just been a few months or years. You are not the same person you were six months ago, we’re constantly growing and evolving, going after new goals. Not to mention we’re getting new clothes, changing our style and getting new haircuts. Your photos should represent that change. New photos can help call in what you’d like to attract now vs what you wanted a year or two years ago. 

*If you’re unsure of how to determine your ideal client, that’s something I can help with in my one-on-one branding sessions. 

Think you’re due for a ReFresh?

If any of those spoke to you, it might be time to book your photoshoot! This can feel overwhelming which is why a lot of people wait so long between sessions. I’ve got you though! I take pride in making my shoots easy, casual and as stress free as possible! 

If you think you’re ready to jump in there’s actually a few options available:

You could book a one-on-one session where we tailor the session to your specific needs for your brand .. check my extensive guide HERE

Another option is an event I have coming up FRIDAY April 15th with all the details HERE.

Warning! Side Effects May Include:

Feeling really good about yourself
Attracting amazing new clients
Feeling excited about sharing your offerings
Feeling fully expressed in your business
Being inspired to create new content

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