Your Mini Social Media Cheat Sheet

If you’re having trouble figuring out what to ost on your business insta, here’s a few go-tos that should help get the ball rolling: 

First, remember that you can absolutely repost old content! maybe switch up the photo or some of the text, but repetition is how we humans learn — and since we sometimes scroll pretty mindlessly, it’s actually quite beneficial to re-share information. 

Ok with that, here’s a mini cheat sheet: 

1. Introduce yourself or your team members! Let us see your faces! You really can’t over do it on connection! 
2. Tell us WHY you do what you do! Let us know why your passionate about what you do! This is a great thing to revisit even for yourself!
3. Explain part of your business that seems SOO obvious to you. Trust me on this one — you’re in it so you already know the basics, but we might not! Take some time to think of your business from the perspective of someone who’s never ever heard of what you do. 
4. Share a day in your life or something you enjoy. 
5. Share a celebration! 
6. Take us behind the scenes – what’s the work that goes into your product or offering that we don’t always see. 

Hopefully that helps! Once you start with those, your wheels are bound to start turning and then it’s Wash-Rinse-Repeat! 

Here’s where you just might need some extra assistance — planning captivating imagery to go with all your new content! 

There are two ways I can help with this… 

1. A single branding shoot that get’s you started and/or off to the races! 
I have four collection options that you can find in my guide HERE.


2. A three or six month brand-subscription that will give you new and consistent imagery for your content. 
Collections for this are also in my Guide HERE.

What’s the difference?? 
With the single collections, we focus on signature images that you can use on your website and socials, there’s definitely a variety and you can wash-rinse-repeat these for at least a season or two. Our time is slowed down, we focus more on posing and make sure they’re refined and meet your brand’s aesthetic. 

With a subscription, our focus is to get a variety of images and content that tell a story and show the viewer what they can expect when they use your services. It’s more on-the-job and photojournalistic -or- it can just be your products so you have lots of images to cycle through. Subscriptions are also spread out over the three to six month time frame, so you have a constant influx of fresh images to share. 

Feel ready to dive in?? Head over to my Contact tab and tell me why you love your job!!

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