The Best Props Bring To Your Branding Shoot

We’ve talked about what to wear for your branding shoot HERE, but I haven’t formally touched on props and what is best to bring to your shoot. Obviously it will depend on what business your in and what you want to showcase, but for those relaxed and rocking CEO-style photos here’s my top go-tos.

Your Favourite coffee mug/ or choice of bevvy 

from your local hot spot. I love this because it gives your hands something to do, it makes the images more relaxed and it shows you as more relate-able.

Your laptop

It never hurts to have some in-work-mode images for social media/your website. This allows people to see that you take your profession seriously and to me it says “Hey! I answer my emails!” Always a bonus when attracting new clientele.

Your Tools & Your Product

What is specific to your profession? You’re a painter? Art supplies! Hairstylist? Scissors & product. Architect? We need to see some blue prints! Baker? Let’s just get messy in the kitchen.

Whatever is relevant to what you do/sell should be a feature in your shoot!

You get the idea!


I may be biased on this one but I still use old fashioned pen and paper when I’m taking notes with a client or writing down dreams, wishes & ideas.

Your cell phone

We know it’s on you just about all the time and we know that not all entrepreneurs live behind a desk. Images with your cell phone tell the story that you’re in touch and also sought after.

Personal Branding Photography | Joi Photography

A favourite book, or pile of books

And if you’re an author, bring YOUR book!They can be featured as a main part of the image, or hangout in the background.

Your favourite snack

Food props are great for a lifestyle feel to your branding shoot. They give us an opportunity to play, not to mention, it adds an element of human-ness and relatability to your images. Also an extra layer of colour and texture never hurts!

Destination branding shoot | Joi Photography

Your doggo

I know, your dog is not a prop, but if you have a fur baby that’s a big part of your life, I highly recommend showing them off in your social media presence. Like attracts like and if you love that fur ball, others will too, and BOOM you have something to talk about right away.

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