100 Photoshoots In 30 Days

I am doing something so wild and I’m not even sure it’s completely possible but I’m going for it!  

100 photoshoots in 30 days 

Yea.. you read that right!! I’m taking this on as a personal challenge to stretch myself creatively, tick off some bucket list ideas and to  just see how it goes! This is going to MOVE ME out of a comfort zone and that is what I’m looking forward to!! 

Will you be one of my 100? 

What I love about this so far is brainstorming all the themes I’d love to capture and I have a ton of ideas! 

Here’s how the challenge will work! I have about 20+ days lined up in my calendar from July 1-31st – each day with a new location or theme to try! 

Each photoshoot will be about 20 minutes and deliver six killer images and you can snag one spot or more throughout the whole month for $125. AMAZING right?! 

Not only that, I am going to document this entire experience on TikTok – like the nitty gritty real life how it’s going stuff!! 

I really hope if I don’t get to photograph you this month, that you follow along or even share with your circle! It’s going to be a wild ride! 

Current Themes:

All sessions are for 18+ unless otherwise noted as ‘good for families’.

July 2

Kicking off the whole experience with a outdoor claw foot tub in a beautiful rustic garden.

July 4

Feminine but neutral, this one is cute as heck! We’ll have a wee desk option set up, if you’re a writer or blogger or just want some fun headshots this one will be perfect for you!

July 5

Think date night, but caught in the rain! These will be playful and romantic couples photos, you must be willing to get wet!

July 6

Rustic long grass summer look, perfect for families or couples!

July 8

We’re launching coloured smoke bombs for a mysterious and moody shoot day! Great for couples or individuals!

July 10

Grab your favourite drink and snack at Sparrow and bring some work with you! These sessions are great branding content for those who work from home but like to also like to work in a coffee shop!

July 10

This chainlink overpass has a gritty feel but also captures the sunset amazingly. The concrete and fence makes it work for branding in any season and for couples it can be a little sultry or playful!

July 11

The cutest Airbnb! It’s light and feminine and we can cover a lot of ground in 20 minutes in there! These are great for some lifestyle branding shoots!

July 13

Relaxed and very casual portraits on the beach!

July 14

Need a slightly more formal shot but still love a relaxed vibe? This one is for you! This location has a mid-century-modern table and lovely plants that bring the room to life. Highly recommended for a professional and relatable look.

July 14

Romantic couples photos on the beach- in swim wear only! These will be super casual and lifestyle-y, but we just might break out some super soakers to amp up a playful vibe.

July 17th

Glamping couples, glamping branding/lifestyle or glamping boudoir in a gorgeous canvas tent at Camp Wolf Willow.


July 17th

Very dreamy photos with some gentle giants on the beautiful property of Camp Wolf Willow.

Boho glam individual or maternity

July 20th

Urban in Saskatoon! Out of the way spots with an industrial vibe. Great for casual/lifestyle branding photos.

July 21

Playful branding shoots/headshots in the front space of MUSE downtown Saskatoon!

July 21

Country vibes for date night shoots in the back of an EPIC vintage pick up truck.

July 22

We were able to squeeze in a round two of this theme!

Couples that are crazy in love are also welcome for this theme.

July 24

Ultra glam and dressed up for playful photos at the carnival. Cotton candy and sassy sunglasses are a must!

Check out The Dress Co. for wardrobe options!

July 24

Dress up or dress down, but don’t miss out on your chance to play around in a pristine classic Thunderbird! These will be epic!

July 25

Very pink and chic branding/glam in this amazing location that’s brand new to Saskatoon!

July 26

Studio set up with canvas’s brushes and paint, get dirty solo or as a couple.

July 26

Second round of beach shoots for couples and individuals! Swim wear looks are highly recommended!

July 26

High energy, playful photos at night with bright flash! Great for pics with your bestie or a fun night time beach party vibe!

July 27

It’s fantastic! Celebrate the release of the Barbie Movie with your own Barbie themed pool party shoot!!

July 28

Very edgy and uber cool portrait shoots in Saskatoon’s biggest game centre– and we have the whole place to ourselves to get creative. Do Not Miss Out on this one!!

July 28

Cruising the alleys of Riversdale for edgy looks! Great for lifestyle branding or couples!

July 29th & 30th

I still have a few one-off ideas in my arsenal! You can get in on one of these or inquire about a look you might have missed out on or if you have something in mind for yourself.

Since this ‘theme’ is custom the price is $150 with 6 images. Still a helluvah deal, yo!

Conditions that apply:
Any location fees are not included
Subject to availability
Idea may not fit this challenge creatively

Looks that are (potentially) up for grabs:
Laundromat 70’s Glam
Tennis Court
Camping/hiking look
Classic Car (I can never get enough of these)

Contact me with your idea via my contact page or this button!

July 31

Get in for a taste of boudoir in this gorgeous outdoor set bedroom set up.


That’s all folks!

fine print: hair and make-up not included, wardrobe not included, pricing, promo and themes available are for the dates listed only. All sessions are 18+ unless otherwise mentioned.

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