Vision Board Hack

Whether you’re a diligent goal setter or go with the flow gal, we all have dreams and desires.

I fall somewhere in the middle.

I like to have some goals in mind but I also like to leave room for magic and what might surprise me. 

Something I’ve found helpful over the years is having a vision board. 

I didn’t do one last year because I was in a new place and I loved the clean-ness of my space and didn’t want to clutter it up with clippings or a elementary art project on my wall (that’s my skill level when it comes to these things). lol 

But I missed it!

SO this year I had this awesome idea to create it digitally — and I still wanted to display it somewhere I could see it every day. 

Here’s your hack

If you don’t want to spend hours cutting magazines and gluing pieces of paper… Design it in Canva! Simply find a vision board design that you like and you can search for the images you want to use –right in Canva.

Bonus here is that you’re not breaking any copyright laws by steeling images off the internet! 

If you’re new to this we’re going to start with a little dream session to tune into what you really desire for yourself. 

Get out a blank piece of paper and set a timer. Get really cozy and for 10 minutes just write anything and everything your heart might desire whether it feels realistic or not. Don’t sensor yourself. 

Then write down these 5 categories: 

1. 3 months 
2. 6 months 
3. 1 year
4. 3 years
5. Lifetime 

Categorize all your dream notes into whether you’d like them to come-about in 3 months, 6months etc. Feel free to add to this as you go. 

Circle the words or desires that stand out to you the most. 

You’re ready to take it to visuals! Hop on Canva and search for a vision board you like and then search for images that match the desires you circled. Print it out and hang it where you will see it every day!

Honestly, this took me maybe 20 minutes to do! 

Here’s mine: 

I like having a visual that I see every day that reminds me why I’m working towards, but it’s also great to have a road map to achieve those desires.

I’ve included my own little roadmap here for you to use! If you want a full res version to print out you can download it here.

If you want to level that up —

I found this AMAZING day planner that has a monthly overview as well as a weekly planner.

Here’s what’s special about it — it has a space every week to write out your top three goals instead of just a to-do list.

At the end of the week there’s a spot to reflect on how the week went. This baby is a game changer. Get yours here!! Did I mention it also comes with stickers?

Also, because I’m a sucker for stationary, here’s some cute pens to keep you motivated while doing all this dreaming.

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