When Is It Time For New Branding Photos?

Hey there, fabulous entrepreneurs! Just so you know, I think you’re totally kicking butt! You’re putting yourself out there and doing the dang thing! Celebrate that for a quick sec, ok?

Sweet. One question I know is circling around but many are afraid to ask. How often do I need new content and how do I know when it’s time to book a professional shoot?

Let’s dive in and see if it’s time to sprinkle some new photo magic on your insta-feed.

Here’s how we know it’s time to step in front of a camera!

Are you launching Something New?
If you’re gearing up for a fabulous launch – whether it’s a workshop, promotion, course, product, or a zen retreat – fresh photos are your secret weapon. New images = new energy, and a spotlight on your latest creation.

Are you reusing the same images over and over again?
Recycling is great for the environment, but not so much for your engagement. If you’ve been on the endless loop of the same old pics, it’s time to break free. Fresh, eye-catching visuals can turn heads and lead to more bookings.

Are you wanting to reach a new market or demographic?
To resonate with a new audience, you need images that speak their language. Identify your dream clients, and authentically tailor your visuals, and watch the magic happen. Your brand photos are your visual love letters to your audience.

Are you needing some inspiration?
New photos bring a fresh vibe, excitement, and an infusion of creativity. If you’re feeling stuck, simply going through the process of a new photoshoot can jolt some inspiration back into you and your business. As Oprah wisely notes, “The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” And stunning photos are a key accessory to that adventure.

Have you gone through a big change?
Who you were six months ago is not who you are today. Your style, relationship status, and even your haircut might have changed. Let your photos evolve with you! Channel your inner Marie Kondo and declutter those outdated visuals. New photos align with your current vibe, attracting the opportunities you’re seeking now.

Have you set some new goals?
As you carve out new goals, it’s time to ask yourself: Do your old photos align with your exciting new direction? Your journey is evolving, and your visuals should reflect the vibrant energy of your new aspirations. Your old photos might be like a roadmap of the past, but your new goals deserve a visual GPS. Time to show the world the empowered, goal-crushing version of you!

    Feeling the vibes?

    If any of these resonate, it’s time to book your photoshoot – and trust me, it’s easier than decluttering your closet!

    Options Galore!

    • Dive into a personalized one-on-one session tailored to your brand’s unique needs. Check out my full guide HERE.
    • Save the date for an ultimate branding photo extravaganza: Re{Fresh} is back for spring on April 3rd Get all the juicy details HERE.

    Warning! Side Effects May Include:

    • Feeling unstoppable and fabulous.
    • Attracting a following of amazing new clients.
    • Being genuinely excited about flaunting your offerings.
    • Expressing your business vibe to the fullest.
    • Finding inspiration to create content that sizzles.

    Ready to spice up your brand? Let’s make your photoshoot a celebration, not a chore!

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