All Summer Long

Last summer I challenged myself to 100 photoshoots in 30 DAYS. Ambitious much??

Well, I did it, 104 to be exact.

This summer promo was inspired by one of the themes from that challenge.

So back this year, is my YXE Streets collection

This photoshoot package will get you a quick 15 minutes in front of my camera where I will coach you through 5 very popular poses. You just pick your favourite street in the city and we’re off! After it’s all said and done, you’ll have five fancy new photos to use as you desire.

The most popular reasons I find people are booking this branding package are:

  • It’s super quick and easy
  • It showcases a local vibe
  • It’s outside and we love to be outside in the summer
  • It gives them a handful of images to play with
  • The photos have a very casual and fun feeling
  • They can easily book multiple sessions

My streets collection is open for booking May-October! Hit the contact button to book!

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