You have about 2.1 seconds

To grab a potential client’s attention these days, if not, –less! This is why it’s important to have fresh imagery that showcases you and your service before even typing a word.

If you’re launching a new program, or wanting more engagement on your socials, captivating images, reels and content are the key to making more $$$.

This is why I have fallen even more in love with Branding photography. Getting out of the box and being fun and creative and still also getting clean beautiful photos

is what really gets me going!

If you’re having trouble figuring out what to post

on your business insta, here’s a few go-tos that should help get the ball rolling: 

First, remember that you can absolutely repost old content! maybe switch up the photo or some of the text, but repetition is how we humans learn — and since we sometimes scroll pretty mindlessly, it’s actually quite beneficial to re-share information. 

Here’s a mini cheat sheet: 

1. Introduce yourself or your team members! Let us see your faces! You really can’t over do it on connection! 
2. Tell us WHY you do what you do! Let us know why your passionate about what you do! This is a great thing to revisit even for yourself!
3. Explain part of your business that seems SOO obvious to you. Trust me on this one — you’re in it so you already know the basics, but we might not! Take some time to think of your business from the perspective of someone who’s never ever heard of what you do. 
4. Share a day in your life or something you enjoy. 
5. Share a celebration! 
6. Take us behind the scenes – what’s the work that goes into your product or offering that we don’t always see. 

Once you have the content down .. you need photos to match! That’s where I’m here to help!!

If you’ve been reusing the same images for a while. If you’re recycling images, you’re likely not getting a lot of engagement on your content, which could end up missing out on potential bookings. 

It’s great to have a few recognizable signature images, but fresh eye-catching images will help you get new leads! 

If you want to level UP in your business

New images are going to have a new energy, you’ll be excited to share them and even just going through the experience of getting new photos done can inspire new content for your business.  

Refreshed images can equal more money in your bank account – for real! 

You are not the same person you were six months ago, we’re constantly growing and evolving, going after new goals. Not to mention we’re getting new clothes, changing our style and getting new haircuts. Your photos should represent that change. New photos can help call in what you’d like to attract now vs what you wanted a year or two years ago.