Boudoir Experience

Congrats on taking a big step in celebrating yourself!!!

There is a ton of information on my website about our boudoir experience but this will help you understand our process and the flow of your day!

First! If you haven’t checked it out, I have a guide on what to wear HERE.

Our sessions always begin with the glam squad! Depending on which collection you’ve booked, your hair and make-up is included in your session fee! This means all you have to do is show up to your shoot at your start time! This takes the stress of getting it ‘just right’ totally off your shoulders and our make-up artists are the BEST in SK (and Canada) for on-camera looks.

/// TIP: Make sure your hair is clean and completely dry and that you have no make-up on when you arrive for your session.

Your time on camera: I will coach you through the entire experience, how to pose, where to look, when to smile, everything! All you need to do is follow my lead!

Regardless of which collection you choose, it ends up being almost a full-day experience, so it’s important to clear your calendar to fully enjoy the time.
Depending on the time of year, all of our sessions begin at either 9am or 10am. You will spend an hour and a half with our glam squad and then we jump right into your shoot time. (30 min, 50min or 80min).

After we wrap your shoot, we will take a two to three hour break and from there you are welcomed back for your in-person premiere.

/// Your premiere is an in-person purchasing session that happens either the same day as your shoot. When you come in for your premiere you get to view your images and purchase your favourites as albums, wall art or even as digital negatives. Review our products HERE. ///

Premiere’s can take anywhere from 30 min to just over an hour.

Once your premiere is all finished, that’s a wrap on your day! I always recommend you plan an evening out as you’ll have your hair and make-up already done and you’ll certainly want to celebrate the day!