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Elevate your brand and the message you're sending to clientele. 

I know how important it is to have up-to-date visuals for online marketing and I love working with fellow #girl-bosses to create clean and stylish imagery.  My goal is to capture you in a way that will set your business apart from the rest.  I'll work with you/your brand or web designer to make sure your look is cohesive and compliments your style.  

Check out the information below and be sure to get in touch for my full guide.

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Getting to know you and your business.

When it comes to full branding sessions, it's important for me to know your business, what message you'd like to portray and what you need to get noticed online. We'll sit down and talk about what you offer, how you want potential clients to see you and what kind of looks will suit that vision best.

Combining the perfect elements for your brand.

The location we choose sets the tone for all your images! Together we will decide on your aesthetic, as part of my planning process is to source the perfect spots for your shoot. Sometimes it's as simple as working in a studio or in your own business space. Other times we may collaborate with other business owners, source a show home, or even head to the beach!  

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/// headshots

Creative imagery for all aspects of your web presence. 

Sharing a wide-range view of your business with your ideal clientele is what gets you at the top of people's minds. Together we'll create images that best visually describe what you have to offer and target who you want to attract. I should mention -- we'll have a lot of fun too! 

Modern and relaxed portraits to suit any medium.

My headshot sessions are for those who need an image for their profile photo, about page or even just because. Everyone needs at least one good photograph where they look natural, relaxed and relatable!  

/// team members

/// Hair & Make-up

/// video

It's recommended for any on-camera session that you have professional hair and make-up. We can arrange it for your shoot at an extra cost, or get in touch for who we suggest. 

Is there more than just you behind your business? Together we can create a look that also incorporates your team members. Whether it's a simple staff photo or an interactive session where we show off what it is you do best as a team!  

Need something flashy for social media?  Add a 30 second marketing video to the Brand Identity collection to capture your audience. Email me for a custom quote! 

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