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The perfect gift to yourself: a holiday retreat and once-in-a-lifetime photoshoot in fantasy location.

"What would your dream shoot be?"  I used to ask this in all of my in-person consultations and each time the answer was: "On a beach in some beautiful tropical location."  So with that and my love of travel, my Dream Shoot Retreat was born.  With one excursion each a year, you could be one of the lucky ones to have her photoshoot dreams come true! 


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A fun tropical get-away.  

My retreats are perfect for the woman who not only needs a little get-away, but craves some adventure and well as time to relax. It's the perfect mix of time to yourself and some hardcore sisterhood experiences. I've heard over and over, how much each woman didn't know she needed this experience until she was really in it! 

Your on-camera experience.

Each excursion is a different from the last, however a typical dream shoot includes 3 stylized looks in the most breathtaking locations. Some of my favourite looks to offer are shooting on the cliffs, in the ocean and occasionally we'll fit in a waterfall excursion! 

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Everything's better together. 

Did someone say slumber party?  Dream shoot excursions are organized as a group trip where we all room together in a gorgeous vacation home!  It's a wonderful opportunity to meet new, like-minded people or share the experience with your bestie. 

Mark your calendar.

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