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Creative collaboration that will put you in the limelight.  

My Editorial production shoots designed for musicians, artists, comedians, actors, models and those who are in (or wish to be) in the public eye.  Images that get you noticed; images that show case YOU. 

/// Musicians

/// Production & design

Getting the right look.

Whether you're about to release an album, a single or need creative imagery for the many aspects of your ever evolving industry, we can collaborate on a visual that sets your hard work apart and gets you seen. 

Bringing a vision to life.

Set design can range from sourcing a bad-ass car to building a bedroom set in the woods, sourcing the perfect space and props is all part of the fun for me. Each shoot is as unique as the artist I'm working with and bringing grand visions and amazingly simple concepts to life is weaved into my passion for  photography.  

/// In the public eye


Spicing up your portfolio

Keeping your images fresh and up to date is of utmost importance if you've made a career out of being seen. You need to stand out, but for all the right reasons. We can work together for modern headshots, lifestyle images and my favourite, editorial concepts that will be sure to keep you top of mind. 

Custom made 

Since each project has it's own specific requirements on time-investment, locations, looks and deliverables, I custom quote for each production. Please get in touch and we can chat about your vision!  

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