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This new business has been a passion in the making for quite some time and I’m so excited to announce it!

First a little background on how it’s come to be.

I have spent a wee bit of time believing that photography was the one thing I was meant to do and tended to deny that I was a multi-passionate entrepreneur. But I have been pulled to other directions many times over the years and loved doing more than one thing.

Most recently I’ve been pulled to launch a coaching program for fellow photographers (specifically those who consider themselves shy).

Coaching feels so right to me as it’s a natural extension of what I do as a photographer already.

I help women see themselves, I am a cheerleader, I spend my days building other’s up with a camera in my hand and I am blessed to see that it has a lasting effect past the pretty photos.

With all that, my idea for coaching photographers has morphed into something more and tied even more of my passions together…

Last July I took a month off of everything and I went on a Western Canadian road trip, from Saskatoon SK, to Vancouver and then from Vancouver to Toffino and around Vancouver island – Solo.

Just me and my dog.

I posted about it on my instagram so friends and family knew I was surviving. But what was unexpected was that I got a -ton- of messages from people I didn’t even know, saying how brave it was that I was taking this trip on my own.

They told me how much it made them feel brave just watching me do it online and how it inspired them to take on their own adventures. I had no idea that my personal trip of discovery would turn into a whole new community.

I didn’t think of my trip as being brave, not while I was on it.

But looking back, it was brave in so so so many ways.

For starters, I had never camped before. For real, and I camped 80% of the trip.

I ventured on backroads to get to lakes that (apparently) aren’t on Google maps and went paddle boarding with my dog.

I climbed mountains.

I got lost, stuck and found my way again.

I spoke to strangers.

This kind of thing may be no big deal to some people, that’s ok.

Everyone has their own threshold for what brave is to them.

Others might wish they could take something like this on.

This trip turned out to be where I felt at my absolute best. One of my Instagram captions was “Tell me you’re happy without telling me you’re happy.”

And with all the messages that flooded my DMs, it occurred to me that I was not alone in the need for adventure.

I’ve always been the quiet one and thought of as shy. I’ve had struggles with self-esteem and anxiety, but I found where I feel the most confident; the most joyful; the most badass; my strongest self.

It’s when I’m challenged: physically and mentally while on adventure. When I’m lost in a new city, when I’m climbing a mountain, when I’m in nature or just trying something new (also when I’ve got a camera in-hand).

I know I’m not the only gal to feel this way and I’m so freaking excited to bring groups of supportive women together to find their brave.

To try things they’ve never done before and push past their fears.

The fact is, if we can face an obstacle in one part of our life it will naturally spill over to other aspects.

If we can allow ourselves the opportunity to be amazed with what we’re capable of, that’s going to lift you up, it’s going to give your brain -proof- that you can conquer anything in your way.

Combine this all with my nerdiness for neuroscience and the Being Brave Club is born — A retreat-based company where badass women go to build confidence through movement, adventure and scaring the sh*t out of themselves.

In the upcoming weeks and months we will have free community events as well as weekend retreats and currently one BIG BADASS RETREAT planned in Mexico!!

Motion is emotion. Let’s build an unshakeable foundation of confidence together — while having the time of our lives!

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