Being Brave Club Mexico Retreat | Feb 20-27 2023

It’s time for adventure! Join me and an intimate group of supportive women in a quest to level-up our confidence, define personal boundaries and discover a new level of bad-assery. I’m talking about the 2023 Being Brave Club Mexico retreat.

The Being Brave Club is my new adventure & group-coaching community where badass women come to build confidence through movement, adventure and scaring the sh*t out of themselves. You can learn more about the Being Brave Club here, but this post is all about the upcoming retreat.

This retreat is going to be action-packed! It’s all about kicking you out of your normal routine, getting you out of your head and into your body! It’s an opportunity to grow, learn just what you’re capable of and also make some new friends along the way.

This a full immersive retreat experience, the group will stay together (slumber party-style) in a beautiful vacation home in Sayulita, MX and participate in a series of bigger and smaller adventures and activities. Coupled with educational tid-bits, group coaching exercises, breakout sessions and a wee bit of reflection time, you can’t not come out of this experience feeling braver.

Below is a rough outline of the week and is subject to change, all of the lucky attendees will get an in-depth itinerary with activity details and some brave-inspiring surprises.


Check in, 3pm
Welcome Pizza Party


Opening festivities
Local volunteer opportunity (giving back makes you feel awesome!)
Group coaching circle
Celebration activity .. on horseback!


Optional mini shoots with Joi Photography
Fun on the beach & free time


Hitting the water! Group surf lesson & beach day
1:1 breakout brave coaching sessions


Pack a bag (hiking shoes and swim wear required!), we’re headed on a road trip deep into the jungle!
Circle shares, churros and a beach fire can be expected.


High gear Saturday, we’re setting out on an ATV adventure!
Brave -inducing surprise # 2


Catamaran & Relax Day


Breakfast & Closing circle
Time to chill & checkout at 2:00

This a very active retreat! You will experience lots of sun, sweat and potentially tears! That being said, it is open to ALL fitness levels and brave-levels! Some of our activities will seem like a breeze and others may challenge you physically and mentally and it will be different for each person. But that, my dear, is the purpose and you will be supported at every turn!

“Pushes your edges but not to a point where it’s unsafe or -too- scary. It was so much fun to be with this group of women and to have this experience. Some of my favourite moments were the ones that pushed my edges. And just playing – laughing and having so much fun. ” -A.B.

This retreat is being held in one of the most beautiful locations in Mexico! Sayulita is a little surf town North of Puerto Vallarta and it has so much charm! It’s warm community has had me going back again and again! It’s safe, it’s fun, there’s so much food, everything is walk-able, the water is beyond delightful and there’s something for everyone to do.

Sayulita has an -epic- food scene, anything you could want is within walking distance from each other in town! Some of the BEST pizza, salads and Italian I’ve ever enjoyed has been in Sayulita. In fact, I go there specifically for the best ever chai latte. Not to mention, Mexican! You could eat at a new place for every meal and still not cover it all. If you’re a foodie, you’re gonna love this town!

My top 3 go-tos are: La Rustica, Yah-Yah Cafe & Miscelanea.

Pack for a hot vacation! Hiking shoes will be a must and some active wear is recommended but other than that, we should have you covered!

Since the whole group is staying together in the same house, you will be sharing rooms and in potential rare cases may need to share a King/Queen bed. Rooms and beds will be assigned on a first-signed-up-first-get basis. This retreat is a casual, adventurous experience, so really, this is part of the fun and embracing your brave!

This slumber-party-style retreat includes shared accommodation in a beautiful vacation home in Sayulita, MX. All group coaching, 1:1 breakout sessions, group activities and brave-inspired surprises are included. Basic groceries will be available at the house, but Sayulita has an epic food scene so you’ll likely want to dine out whenever possible. This retreat will have a small intimate group with a maximum of nine participants.

$4350CAD pp (paid in full)
$4550CAD pp (payment plan option)

Attendees are responsible for (including but not limited to) their own flights, transportation, meals, tips, entertainment, shopping. etc. Travel & personal health/injury insurance are required for this excursion. Applicable taxes not included.


>>If you’re feeling up to a photoshoot while abroad, you’re in luck! We have time set aside for mini shoots, make it glam or make it casual, that’s up to you, but when in Rome…

Brave Mini Shoots include up to one hour camera time in town or at the beach and up to 25 finished images for $550CAD.

>> Airport Transportation: it’s super simple to get a taxi from the Puerto Vallarta airport to Sayulita but if you’d rather have that looked after for you, car service can be added on to your investment for $130pp.