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Headshot Marathon

December 30, 2020

DETAILS April 13th 2021 9am-7pm (by appointment) COLLECTION OPTIONS:  ONE: mini headshot session and two delivered images; $98 TWO: mini headshot session and four delivered images; $130                   FINE PRINT:  Pricing & offer is only available on April 13th; one outfit/look per appointment; no rain checks. TO […]

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I’ve had so many people ask me what I think they should wear to their headshots or branding sessions that I figured it’s about time to put together a guide. The thing is, this question does not have a one-size-fits all kind of answer. The answer comes down to ta da.. more questions! What kind […]

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Mini Glam Marathon

July 8, 2020

Boho Desert Shoot in SK | Joi Photography

Step in front of my lens for a mini glam shoot this August 5th to 8th 2020 in Saskatoon, SK. Your session will be tailored to the look you most desire! You can go casual, we can do a fashion look, you can come in a ball gown if you so choose, you can even […]

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2021 Dream Shoot Retreat!

February 21, 2020

My next Dream Shoot Retreat is scheduled for Feb 5-11th 2021 and we’re going back to in gorgeous Sayulita, Mexico. This next trip’s intention is ‘living your best life’.. I want everyone who joins to think to themselves daily.. “is this really, real life..?” and the answer will be YES!      OUR 2020 TRIP […]

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Professional photos on your website and throughout your brand are an absolute *must* .. they convey professionalism, show a clean and concise brand and also say “hey, I take this shit seriously.” That being said, it’s pretty hard to have a photographer follow you around 24-7 to capture all the ins-and-outs of your day-to-day and […]

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Instant Valentine

December 20, 2019

saskatoon boudoir

I am so excited to put a fresh twist on Valentine’s Boudoir…  the original instant version! I have come to LOVE using my Polaroid cameras and everyone always LOVES getting an instant image. These minis will be great for yourself or as a gift.. as they’re easy to keep hidden away, on display in a […]

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Queen of Ease

December 6, 2019

If you haven’t met this woman, let me introduce you to the Queen of ease, Allison Braun. I have had the pleasure of having Allison in front of my camera several times now and I’ve also been fortunate enough to have been part of her life-changing masterminds.  I’d love to share just a few of […]

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Headshot Day 2019.3

October 7, 2019

The last headshot marathon of this decade!! This is the first event that I’ll be hosting in my new location: 267 3rd Ave South! DETAILS October 18 2019 10am-5pm (by appointment) COLLECTION OPTIONS:  ONE: mini headshot session and two delivered images; $95 TWO: mini headshot session and five delivered images; $119 FINE PRINT:  Pricing & offer is […]

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It’s time for my 10th annual Boudoir for Boobies Event! Each year I host a boudoir marathon in my downtown studio to raise money for the C95 Radio Marathon and each year it’s a huge success so I’m thrilled to do it again! This year’s event will be on Sunday October 6th!    DETAILS: This […]

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Have you ever met a nutritionist that didn’t enjoy cooking? Meet Jackie! She’s the face of Freedom Holistic Nutrition and she’s all about making nutrition easy AND attainable! She’s the non-diet holistic nutritionist you need in your life!

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