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I am doing something so wild and I’m not even sure it’s completely possible but I’m going for it!   100 photoshoots in 30 days  Yea.. you read that right!! I’m taking this on as a personal challenge to stretch myself creatively, tick off some bucket list ideas and to  just see how it goes! […]

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Play Date

September 28, 2022

I firmly believe that taking intentional time to play and experiment and even mess up is so important for maintaining a creative career that you feel full-filled in! Stepping away from what you ‘have’ to do or what you ‘should’ be doing to create just for the sake of creating whether anyone will see it/hear […]

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Fresh Start February

January 31, 2022

Welcome to the new year, I realize it’s February 1st and not January 1st but I decided to skip January this year and making February a fresh start. My 39th birthday is in a couple days, so I think it fits! This past year was all about exploring. I started a new life so-to-speak and […]

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2021 Dream Shoot Retreat!

February 21, 2020

My next Dream Shoot Retreat is scheduled for Feb 5-11th 2021 and we’re going back to in gorgeous Sayulita, Mexico. This next trip’s intention is ‘living your best life’.. I want everyone who joins to think to themselves daily.. “is this really, real life..?” and the answer will be YES!      OUR 2020 TRIP […]

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Queen of Ease

December 6, 2019

If you haven’t met this woman, let me introduce you to the Queen of ease, Allison Braun. I have had the pleasure of having Allison in front of my camera several times now and I’ve also been fortunate enough to have been part of her life-changing masterminds.  I’d love to share just a few of […]

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I’m so excited for my upcoming retreat! If you’re just hearing about this, let me fill you in a bit. I LOVE, love, love to travel and experience new cultures and I LOVE being able to share that experience ..and I LOVE photographing women and offering a safe space for them to feel amazing about […]

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Let’s Get Lost

May 23, 2019

Very serious planning has commenced for my next Dream Shoot Retreats! I’m more excited than ever to offer this type of package because I really believe we should take time to remind ourselves that we have what it takes. To give ourselves the time and opportunity to rediscover our self worth, and allow ourselves to […]

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Hey, Soul Sister

May 7, 2019

I have always told myself [and others] that I’m the kind of woman who is better at being friends with guys instead of other women. That is until I started working with women one-on-one, I realized I had so much more in common with them and that we faced a lot of the same worries/obstacles/doubts. […]

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I’ve been home from my Dream Shoot Retreat with four amazing women for close to two whole months now and we’ve been in a deep freeze since our return! So for this yet another ‘extreme cold warning’ day I’ve decided it’s about damn time I shared some of the amazing-ness that took place in Sayulita, […]

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I have a little story to tell and then some real truths so stay with me on this one. I sat in a photography workshop watching our presenter dress a model for a demonstration and she said to this girl, out loud, in front of a room full of fellow photogs: “Oh, you’re skinny.” I’m […]

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