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Flash back Friday to this past February! I spent my 35th birthday in Mexico with ten other women on an inpromtu-photographers-girls-trip and it was uh-mazing! This was the first time I had been to the Puerto Vallarta side of Mexico and I just loved every bit of it! Miss Sarah came along with me to […]

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If you live in Saskatoon and you haven’t heard of Jessie, you’re probably one of those unicorns that doesn’t use social media. This woman is the Queen of cakes and cookies, so when I had the opportunity to get her in front of the camera to show off some of her skills, I jumped on […]

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This year has been a great year for travel so far — which is great, because I love, love, LOVE, sunshine, sandy beaches, and the smell of the ocean! On my travels this year, I’ve found my own slice of paradise down in Mexico. Sayulita quickly stole my heart and I will go back again […]

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Meet Allison Braun, the business joy-ologist! She’s an incredible coach that specializes in ease. That’s as straight forward as I can put it, really, but trust me when I say — she knows her sh$t. I roomed with Allison in Sayulita, Mexico (where we did her branding shoot) and I learned so much from just […]

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If you’re familiar with Truth Bomb cards, you may have heard that phrase before. It was on a card I pulled some time ago, but left on my desk and never really ‘got it’ until about four weeks ago. My one-year-old website and blog content (about 10 years worth) went kaboom! GONE. All of it. […]

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