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Artist’s Loft

October 30, 2023

Somewhere in between classic beauty portraiture and boudoir lives this messy and captivating shoot that I call Artist’s Loft. Probably the most fun you’ll have with a photo session that’s just for you and it’s extra special if you’re an artist too. I rented this AMAZING VENUE with original brick and hardwood and the most […]

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When you get a new piece of studio wardrobe that deserves it’s very own photoshoot… This one is it. I saw this robe and knew I needed it in my tickle trunk! If you want to feel like you’re the star of a perfume commercial, then wearing this robe for your boudoir/glam/maternity photoshoot will do […]

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Let me tell you, I wish I had seen the movie before these sessions happened. When you look at the photos, you’ll know exactly which movie I’m refferring to. This day was sooooo fun to plan as a part of my 100 photoshoots in 30 days challenge. I spent hours online ordering pool floats and […]

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I am doing something so wild and I’m not even sure it’s completely possible but I’m going for it!   100 photoshoots in 30 days  Yea.. you read that right!! I’m taking this on as a personal challenge to stretch myself creatively, tick off some bucket list ideas and to  just see how it goes! […]

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Instant Boudoir 2023

December 14, 2022

hello, gorgeous! Imagine that you love someone so damn hard that you would do anything for them. You’d accept them for everything that they are, you’d see straight through their society-given ‘flaws’ and embrace them fully and unconditionally and eternally. Now imagine that person is you. MMMMhhhhmmm.. Need some assistance getting there…? Here’s a fiery great start.. Instant Mini-Boudoir … on polaroid! Anyone […]

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Play Date

September 28, 2022

I firmly believe that taking intentional time to play and experiment and even mess up is so important for maintaining a creative career that you feel full-filled in! Stepping away from what you ‘have’ to do or what you ‘should’ be doing to create just for the sake of creating whether anyone will see it/hear […]

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I need someone to pinch me, because what a dream it is to be able to capture images like these as my career. Shooting this maternity session was an absolute delight! Basically a play date and I’m thrilled with how they turned out. I sincerely hope I get to keep doing this forever! xoxo – […]

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Fresh Start February

January 31, 2022

Welcome to the new year, I realize it’s February 1st and not January 1st but I decided to skip January this year and making February a fresh start. My 39th birthday is in a couple days, so I think it fits! This past year was all about exploring. I started a new life so-to-speak and […]

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I love love loooved this maternity shoot! I mean, anything in/near the water already has my heart but the simplicity and the playfulness is what makes these images pure gold. Hot tip if you’re planning any kind of photoshoot for yourself. Allow yourself to feel silly, be open to feeling ridiculous, trust who is behind […]

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This is another one of my fave shoots from 2021. On one of my trips to Vancouver this year, I had the pleasure of getting hair goddess, Joy in front of my camera. It was a crazy rainy day and we thought for sure that this shoot might be toast, but VanCity has a million […]

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