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GLOW up!

May 25, 2023

Introducing a Saskatoon Dream Team for a promo that you cannot miss out on! Meet Aimee! Aimee has 10 years experience styling women.  She owns 2 local boutiques UnVeiled Dress Co & The Dress Co.  She specializes in bridal but ultimately in empowering you to love your look everyday.  Her focus is your confidence, removing […]

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Boardroom Headshots

March 8, 2023

Here’s a little something I don’t post about enough.. it’s office headshots! I love working with organizations that enjoy a more casual and approachable vibe to their office headshots. Here’s a boardroom look sans the bored part! Everyone in the office has their own personality and style and that should be celebrated. With this group […]

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Your branding photos and headshots and any image you put online are your 24/7 signature sales call to your potential clients and I absolutely believe they should represent you and your energy authentically. So if you happen to be playful, cool, casual and professional then I am so excited to offer a fun look and feel to these […]

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Back To My Roots

August 25, 2022

It’s been a minute since I’ve shared a couples shoot! I’ve been focused mainly on the branding and boudoir side of my photography business as far as marketing goes and this summer I got back to my original roots a wee bit. I loved reconnecting with photographing couples in love. It was refreshing and joyful […]

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I loved this session so so much! This incredible mother-daughter duo brought the laughter and so much love! I was so inspired by this session that I think I just might run another session of beach mini shoots this August! I just want everyone to have memories like these to cherish .. so beautiful! Check […]

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This. This was a fun one! I was inspired by the Grandpa-sweater look so we hunted for the ugliest sweater we could find.. turns out there’s not a ton out there, but we found this one and found some amazingly ugly sheets to go with. We shot in the sweater for a bit, however Myss […]

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Being Brave Club

April 28, 2022

INTRODUCING MY NEW BUSINESS! —-> BEING BRAVE CLUB! This new business has been a passion in the making for quite some time and I’m so excited to announce it! First a little background on how it’s come to be. I have spent a wee bit of time believing that photography was the one thing I […]

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After two long years of having Dream Shoot Retreats on hold, I’m excited to announce THREE new retreats for 2023! Dream Shoot Retreat: March 3-9 My most popular offering! Years ago I used to ask every boudoir client what their fantasy shoot might be, and the answer was always “somewhere tropical on a beach”. So […]

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Let’s chat for a second about why it might be time to update your brand photos on your website and/or for your social media!  1. If you’re about to launch a new anything – new workshop, promotion, course, product, retreat — whatever it may be. Putting the energy into new photos for a new offering […]

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If you’ve been following me for a while, you will have noticed that I mainly photograph women in just about any form, boudoir, branding, maternity, grads. It’s always just what I’ve been drawn to the most, perhaps because being female, it’s easier to identify. But I also know this to be true, it’s because I […]

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