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This is another one of my fave shoots from 2021. On one of my trips to Vancouver this year, I had the pleasure of getting hair goddess, Joy in front of my camera. It was a crazy rainy day and we thought for sure that this shoot might be toast, but VanCity has a million […]

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There’s something about photographing a woman and her machine that really revvvs my engine. This shoot was pure joy for us both, shooting Ms.P and her Harley against this suuper cool garage in Saskatoon. The wind couldn’t have been stronger but we went with it and laughed so so much. I learned that her whole […]

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These two! I had the pleasure of photographing their wedding just before I retired my camera from weddings and was over-joyed to hear that they’re about to welcome their first little one. Some people who step in front of your camera just radiate loveliness and I’m so grateful for those people. These two are some […]

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This past October I took my first trip to Montreal! With my new camera gear in tow I knew I had to get someone in front of my camera while I was there! I got a few shoots and this one is with one of my favourite former Saskatoon-ers. We had a quick play date […]

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Sweet Creature

November 23, 2021

It’s been a minute since I blogged something other than a promotion. I’ve had so so many incredible shoots and clients in the last year that I haven’t shared. Not because I didn’t want to, but sometimes small tasks seem so big until you get to it. It just stayed on my to-do list and […]

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So excited for this marathon because it’ll be hosted at the beautiful Elizabeth.lyn Studio, just off Broadway in Saskatoon. This marathon is a little more glam with a warm cozy boho feel. And bonus, this mini marathon only has 6 spots and each session will have an optional outfit change.   October 19 2021, 11am-3pm Up […]

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Portrait Marathon

August 31, 2021

HELLO FRIENDS! Autumn is around the corner and I have decided to a portrait marathon to get you ready for fall marketing! This marathon will be clean, simple images with white walls and the second one will be much more glam with a warm cozy boho look. clean & bright –> September 24 ONE: micro session and […]

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saskatoon boudoir

HELLO, GORGEOUS Imagine that you love someone so damn hard that you would do anything for them. You’d accept them for everything that they are, you’d see straight through their society-given ‘flaws’ and embrace them fully and unconditionally and eternally. Now imagine that person is you. MMMMhhhhmmm.. Need some assistance getting there…? Here’s a fiery great start.. Instant Mini-Boudoir … on […]

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Headshot Marathon

December 30, 2020

DETAILS April 13th 2021 9am-7pm (by appointment) COLLECTION OPTIONS:  ONE: mini headshot session and two delivered images; $98 TWO: mini headshot session and four delivered images; $130                   FINE PRINT:  Pricing & offer is only available on April 13th; one outfit/look per appointment; no rain checks. TO […]

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I’ve had so many people ask me what I think they should wear to their headshots or branding sessions that I figured it’s about time to put together a guide. The thing is, this question does not have a one-size-fits all kind of answer. The answer comes down to ta da.. more questions! What kind […]

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